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Commercial & Residential

Heating and Cooling

As recognized commercial HVAC specialists, our pride and our pleasure is to offer Houston business owners with superior HVAC installation, repair, maintenance, and service on all industrial heating and cooling equipment. Understanding the challenges and knowledge needed for professional commercial HVAC equipment, the Moore Texas Mechanical team is adept at both diagnosis and repair, providing trustworthy recommendations regarding both repair and replacement of existing units. We also work with new construction projects and providing in-depth consultations that ensure optimal use of all heating and cooling equipment.   

Our commercial and residential HVAC services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Conditioning Systems including but not excluding Mini Splits

  • Heating Systems

  • Ventilation Systems, both Industrial and Commercial

  • Electronic Air Purifiers

  • RV Replacement and Repair

Providing on-site consultations with your building management staff and instructing them on the proper maintenance techniques required of your specific HVAC equipment, we do all that we can to help you protect the life of your heating and cooling systems while saving you time and money.

With transparent pricing, guaranteed results, and unmatched customer care techniques, our HVAC company strives to raise the bar for the rest of the industry. Skilled and trained in all commercial HVAC brands, the Moore Texas Mechanical team is also committed to environmentally-friendly services!

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